iPad Frames Your Photos – Watch for Editing Soon…

Music doesn’t care about screen size but your pictures sure do.

iPhoto on a Mac is very easy to use for collecting images and doing light edits. You wont be doing much fine detail adjustments with your mouse like you will be able to do with your finger directly on the image. The photo application in the iPad has new thinking around how your grouping of photos look. Much more like you would see on your physical coffee table. It is easy to sort and flip through the images.

The iPad does not have a camera so you need to load your images from email attachments, via desktop iPhoto sync, downloaded from Web sites, via a WiFi connection to a server/FTP and through a additional camera link adapter.

The price of the iPad is much higher than the average digital photo frame. But, isn’t it nice that while your working on something else you can have a big screen slide show going of all of your favorite photos… no extra charge!

Currently there are hundreds of apps in the iTunes store that give you the ability to fine tune images on your iPhone, now your iPad. Photogene allows you crop, crop to size, and adjust contrast, colors, and the like. Place fun speaking bubbles on your puppy and friends pictures with Comic Touch.  TiltShift alter images through a like named app, and ColorSplash to create contrast images of B&W and color detail. From 99 cents to $9.99, there are options for any level of massaging your pictures right on your iPad.