iPad vs Kindle DX – Strong Emotions

Ever since I heard a voice over of the iPad introduction where someone started talking about the size of the iPad vs the Kindle DX, we all saw the opinion war start up. The differences between the two devices is pretty visible, and while they both are able to read eBooks they are look at the reader differently. The Kindle is a rethink on reading a paper book, while the iPad is a computer that allows you to read books. To play across line, you can now write applications to run on the Kindle while the iPad has a separate area in the apps for reading called iBooks.

Kindle DX vs iPad

Screen: eink black and white vs color

Battery life: 7 days vs 10 hours

Keyboard: Hardware vs On Screen

UI: Multiple hardware buttons vs One button and touch screen

Library: Large percent of Amazon offerings vs Yet to be seen, mostly education listed

Wireless: Free for book download ‘wispernet’ vs AT&T $14.95 and $29.95/month data plans

Wireless hardware: 3G wispernet vs WiFi std, 3G optional

Primary Use: eBook reader now getting apps (apps using 3G access has extra online charge) vs full iPhone application library, eBooks is one application

The list will continue to grow and will be very emotional as there is fans of both systems. TUAW has posted an article “iPad vs. Kindle: Which way to go?” which is fairly high level but the list of comments from readers is growing quickly. Like we said, there will be a lot of emotion around the subject as with any device from cell phones to TVs.