MindMapping on the iPad

In the ‘want’ list of useful software tools on an iPad will be a MindMapping Application.

The process of MindMapping is best done on a whiteboard or text linking software. With an iPad using MindMapping software like iThoughts will let us draw our circles/squares, add text, connect and them move those around to best explain the process. Add the ability to project the screen of the iPad to a project and we have a team tool for documenting processes or thinking through new ideas in a group.

On the iPhone, iThoughts works very well for drawing our a user’s ideas and then sharing the final document with others. Particularily nice to use when waiting (taxi, train, plane or in a long meeting…) and a thoughts hits you. The downside is the need to scroll around the screen. This isn’t a deturant when your working by yourself but it make the process hard to follow with others since they can only see a part of the big picture.

There are about eight options for MindMapping in the iTunes App Store right now… who will take the challenge and have their app ready for the big screen when it releases?