iPad Has Many Views of Movies from Anywhere

The title for this post was tricky… basically there are so many ways to get movies to view on your iPad.

Apple mentions on their site that the iPad can watch movies, not much different from the iPhone or iPod Touch other than the screen is big and very clean. Also, you can watch movies from YouTube, again a stand feature but now you will be able to see those clips comfortably… actually they are even nicer than on a regular notebook screen.

If you have the desire to take your DVD or home movies with you, the iPad supports the usual loading of those movies into iTunes and syncing in. Then, you can watch those movies anytime, anywhere. The limitation is available memory at that point in time.

Another option is to stream your movies to the iPad. An app ‘Here File File‘ is a new addition to the list of apps that allow you to see the files on your desktop via your WiFi connection. Where Here File File takes a step in a different direction is that instead of having an endless list of files to view, you have the option to do a search using the power of the desktop. And, you can do this over your Cell Network rather than being limited to your local WiFi Network.

Since Here File File has a lite desktop app, you do not have to log into a Web site that either holds your files or is a hand off to your desktop. You can connect directly, search and view. This includes your movie collection. You can sit in an easy chair in your living room or in your local favorite coffee spot and watch any movie you have on your desktop… you do not have to worry about having all of your movies with you or how much available memory you have on your iPad. Hmmm… wondering if viewing movies via Here File File will work via the airplane Internet service now being offered by many airlines.

This just in… there is no extra charge to have your iPad reaching out to multiple computers. The graphic to move from one desktop/notebook to another is fun too…