Creating Art on the iPad

Art is in the eye of the beholder… and some creations are much more obviously ‘art’ than others.

Many people when they really start thinking about using a iPad all day, every day. They wonder what they can actually do with their finger on the screen. There is a keyboard for text, and you can navigate from one app to another with your finger, but your finger isn’t a pen or paint brush.

Actually, when you look around a bit, developers have been getting very creative in providing tools to allow you to make what you can imagine. There are image editors, where you can alter the regular aspect of an image… and there are apps that let you alter an image by tuning just particular areas.

Painting applications have come a long way over the last few years. The art that people are creating on the iPhone size screen is amazing. While most of us are happy with a doodle to represent a thought when you want to help others understand what your saying. In the hands of ‘artist’, a finger and the right app becomes a paint brush and a canvas.

We enjoy playing with images and post of many of our fun work on Hash Tag Pics.

For some really “unbelievable Paintings” that were all created on the iPhone, an app and a finger, take a look at Digital Artist Toolbox. They has assembled 32 pieces of art and even a video showing one person creating their art.

Being able to work with the larger canvas of the iPad so you spend less time zooming in/out while working is very exciting. Easier access to the tool set will make the process quicker too. While the iPad does not currently have a camera, you can install to tune via the iPad Camera Connector, emails, via Web sites or download through your cloud connection (dropbox,,

Three examples of the many options found currently available. A popular and powerful painting app example is Sketch Book.  TiltShift for creating images that look like miniatures, people and places. And Photo FX for tuning your pictures to correct issues or a whole new look for a new image to become old.