For iPad Owners That Have No Family of Friends

The title is just a bit of humor of course. Just walk down the hall with your iPad and you will either find new friends or folks that roll their eyes (the jealous type).

Earlier I mentioned that a lot of iPads will be sitting on people’s desk when not in use being giant digital picture frames. Most likely, pictures of family and friends. In my case, my friends always send pics from their trips around the world so I have plenty of places we ‘would rather be’.

If you want to have a steam of ‘other people’s’ pictures, Flickr is a great source. An app, Voyeur, which automatically pulls down images from random Flickr accounts. You can see some incredible images… but be warned, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You never know when someone will post a picture from their late night out. Voyeur doesn’t know what is safe and what isn’t.

Most of the Traffic or Weather solutions do not auto refresh. If you don’t mind tapping the screen every now and then to pull the newest data they can be handy when planning your trip home or when to get in the tornado cellar.

There are some fun Kaleidoscope apps you can sit and watch for hours. Kaleidoscope X is one popular ¬†option that has tuning capabilities that allows you to fine tune the colors and effects is. Set it and let it run… watch out for visitors to your office not wanting to leave as the colors weave about the screen.

One of the hot new ones is kaleidovid, but it requires a camera to makes it’s effects from. Will the camera come to the iPad or will the developer let you select images from your Camera Roll first?