Pre Order iPad Custom Vinyl Skin – Save 50%

Unique Skins is offering 50% off their iPad Custom Skins if you order now. A ‘buy now’ to get the discount, then they will ship when the iPad ships.

Due to the service allowing you to upload any image and tune it for your device, we have custom skins on just about every electronic device we touch. Personalization makes it uniquely ours, as well avoids anyone picking up our device by accident. Of course, skinning your notebook, iPhone, WII, netbook, Flip and now your iPad completely changes the response from others in the room when they see it.

No expiration date listed but we can assume that the sale will end when the iPad is shipping… since at that point it isn’t a ‘pre-order’ is it?

There was also no mention of the iPad in any of the categories on the site. When you go there, use their site search to find ‘iPad’. You will get a page of all of their solutions and the mention of the 50% off. Update… we may have spoke too soon, the site has now changed and the Home page banner mentions the discount too!

My Unique Skins covered MacBook Pro…