Reading Your Kindle eBooks on the iPad

Since the introduction of the iPad, there has been a lot of questions about the built-in ebook reader, iBooks. Questions about which ebooks will be available, how much the books will cost and are we going to have to rebuy all of our Kindle ebooks.

There is little doubt that iBooks will not read Amazon’s eBooks since Apple would really prefer making money on selling books.

Last week Amazon announced their new ebook reader that allows you to read your Kindle eBooks on your Mac. Today, Amazon announced that they have updated their iPhone app to work on the iPad. Yes, you can keep your Kindle eBooks in sync between your Mac, PC, Kindle and iPad. Of course, the app allows you to buy more Amazon eBooks. Will the same books be available for sale on both iBooks and the Amazon reader? How would you decide which one will be the reader you use most often?

The Amazon Kindle ebook reader for the iPad carries many similar UI features iBooks does. Graphic representations of a flipping pages.