ReThinking Task Lists on the iPad

There is To Do lists you keep on paper, there are those quick notes you have on stickies around the edge of your monitor, and there is the computer based check lists. All three have a unique way of thinking about how you will record and manage items you need to get done. The computer options vary from what we have come used to as electronic lists, many new options go out of their way to look like a piece of paper.

A new app has come to our attention that gives a user the power of electronic lists on your iPad. What makes TaskPaper different is that it is less about looking like paper and more about ‘working’ like paper.

While the view on the screen is lines of text with the option to have bullets, each block of text is able to moved and managed. The overall text ‘note’ can be saved, synced off to the desktop, searched within and tag’d with a list you build.

Creating items is as easy as starting to type.

Each new ‘task’, when selected (tap), can be reordered or moved to be the parent or child of another line.

A swipe of your finger marks out the text with a strike through.

All of the functions of adding, moving and removing text is much more like you would use sticky notes on your desk. The application doesn’t rely on background images of paper to make you feel like your working with pen and paper. The major difference is instead of having to update text on the paper along the edge or use arrows, TaskPaper lets you move updates right up to where they belong in your notes.

All of the expected ‘menu’ operations are still maintained for editing text

As well menus for managing document naming, tagging, sorting and syncing.

The creators of TaskPaper app are well known for their desktop software WriteRoom which helps the user creating documents by removing the busy tool bars and other distractions found in most word editors. For TaskPaper, there is a open API (SimpleText) for others to create desktop apps to sync to. The option Hog Bay offers is almost $30… a bit high in our opinion. We’re really looking forward to organizing our daily task with TaskPaper on the iPad.