Using iPad to Design, Support and Update Web Sites

There are many things that are best suited to using your notebook or desktop computer for. Some things are quite obviously suited for doing with your iPad Tablet. Some, we assume, are forced to live on a computer when in reality they can be done with your finger, and the right tools.

From the early days of a Web site, there is the concept which leads to doing rough sketches or wireframes. An app appears to be about ready to become available day one or shortly after. The app, iMockups, is a solution for a problem mobile creative Web site designers has been waiting on.

Since the app needs more screen room than on a iPhone, we aren’t able to see this solution now to play with. Luckily the developers have created a video of features.

Step two of using your iPad for supporting a Web site is being able to check to make sure it is running 100% and the DNS is still correct so others can get to it. Pingamajig allows you to set up a list of sites that it will check for you in one tap. A second tap gives you ICMP and TCP Port Status.

Finally, editing posts on your blog no longer requires you have a live connects. WordPress and other blogging systems are now supported via apps that you can run on your iPhone and iPad. You can create content and upload the next time your connects. In the case of the WordPress app, you can also download submitted comments, answer offline then update later. Why not write your best article in a park or on the train in less room than a notebook, let alone a pad of paper.

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