Beyond Simple Stickies on the iPad

While we wait to get in a happy place with our Todo list apps – post to follow, many folks are turning to one of the many ‘stickies’ solutions being offered for the iPad. There was quite a few Sticky Note apps on day one and the list has grown since then. So has the power of the Stickies apps. What started as a cork board app that you had overlapping color boxes of text scattered about (sure, that is how my real desktop is), they where little more than boxes of text on a picture.

A popular iPad app picked up by many is BugMe from Electric Pocket. Most likely since so many of our team members had it on their Palms years ago. Secondly, it has a lot more options available to make it a great way to do quick handwritten ToDo items. The app icon is finding it’s home in the Dock bar for faster referencing.

When choosing a new sticky note, a user is presented with a row of options to choose to handwrite, erase, type, color of lines, color of background, send/share (Twitter, email, save to Home Screen and Save to Photo Album) as well, set an alarm reminder.

A new addition to this world of notes on a cork board is from Appigo… “Corkulous“. Of course a lot of us ‘early adopters’ jumped right in and picked up a copy. After a few hours playing, er… testing, this app is not an easy one to explain. Imagine a huge work area that you can divide down and jump from one part to another as if it is individual areas. In those areas you can put together collages of images, notes, todo items, etc… it is way beyond a board with ‘Stickies’ on it. It is a true representation of a real world process that is only possible because of the iPad. We love tools like this that gets us thinking about how we can remap our daily processes to use the app to it’s full power. Watch for a follow up next week on what work we have moved off to Corkulous.

These screen shots do not really do the app justice, we’ll get better ones after we have used it for a week or two. For a full view of features, check out the video below: