Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Works With iPad

There were rumors, and today we confirmed there was some truth to be found. The iGo Stowaway Folding Bluetooth Keyboard works with the iPad!!

While we were still searching the office for ours, we came across a gent actually using one. The keyboard comes in two folding styles and either with a dock plug or Bluetooth. The dock plugs are for a variety of other devices, non of which are iPads. The Bluetooth version does connect up and will let you type just like the Apple Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard.

On these keyboards is a small slide out stand. Playing with it a bit, we found that the stand isn’t strong enough to have the iPad stand tall in the portrait view. Landscape, wide, worked just fine.

When folded, the small size makes the keyboard easy to carry with you when going to meetings or out to a coffee shop. Although the Apple keyboard is thin, it is longer than the iPad so lowers the overall carryability (no, not a word) of the iPad.

Bad news… these keyboards are no longer being manufactured, and they are about $100 US when you do find them.