Getting Your iPad Charged

Over the last few weeks, there has been mixed reviews on the charging of iPads. One thing for sure, it does take a bit more oomph from your USB slot than some notebooks can provide. At first it was reported it was the cables but that isn’t proving to be the case. Do beware that some aftermarket cables do not charge the iPad but those same cables do not charge the iPhone 3Gs either.

If you have any of the iPhone little square wall chargers available, give them a try. We found that out of nine, only one showed that it was actually charging an iPad. An extra test when hooking your iPad up to one of these little plugs or a notebook USB, if the screen shows it isn’t charging turn off the screen and check back a bit later. Some have just enough to charge the iPad if the screen is off. Otherwise, use the included little brick wall charger.

One option is the ChargePod from CallPod. Many of us use these devices to charge all of their mobile devices in one spot. It allows you to hook up to six devices at a time. We are using the iPhone adapter they have available to charge multiple iPads at one time.

You can get this option directly from CallPod (ChargePod┬« – Official Site. Multi-device charger 20% off with promo code LS2010.) or at your local BestBuy store.

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