Google ReThink for the iPad

Google has a lot of individual services that we use everyday. While it all started as a search engine, the first solution Google delivered that we remember is GMail. Now there is Docs, Spreadsheets, etc…

For the iPad, Google has been shuffling through their offerings to see which ones they can fine tune for the best user experience on the iPad. GMail is one of the first to get a touch of rethink. It isn’t an app to install, rather just point your iPad Web browser at your GMail account and enjoy a layout you would expect from an installed application.

Other services offered by Google are getting tweaked too, but not all. Some are best as they are now for maximum usability. As you use their different Web based offerings you will see those that are different for the iPad than a desktop browser view.

This does beg to question how many online services will think about how they look on a iPad when designing their layout… or they may have a iPad specific version. Mobile phones accessing Web sites have been around a long time, but never in the numbers to impact businesses enough to have their staff rethink their designs. Has the ‘mobile’ iPad started this need going forward?