iPad Goes To School, It’s More Than Just Games

While for most students, the iPad would appear to be all fun and games. It does have a very valuable side to it at school. Teachers and School Administrators already know of the iPad as a way to save a few trees via it’s eBook reader. The iPad is also a great tool for research and writing actual reports… we’ll cover that later.

For now, the basics are an important starting point. Several apps will take the iPad and all of it’s built in features to a full interactive tool for students. Get to classes, take good notes, complete assignments and study for exams.

Getting to the classes on time is pretty important to a passing grade. With variable schedules throughout the week, classes have to be tracked like a company schedule. iStudiez Pro is a solution that treats a busy school schedule with the level of importance it should have. Views of classes by the day, week and month, including holidays and special events. This app covers not only the schedule but also ToDos which is the homework assignments that need to be done. Classes can be marked with unique icons and color labels.

It sounds simple enough to use a work meeting planner. After seeing how iStudiez has altered theirs to match the needs of students, we now have a much better appreciation of the uniqueness of student schedules.

The other app that is taking school serious is School Notes. Another app that has taken the time to understand the difference between student’s needs and ‘just’ note taking.

School Notes is the “take good notes and the pass exams” part of the basics we mentioned above. This app mimics a student’s desktop… a wood desk with class notebooks. Create as many notebooks as a student has classes… each one opens to the free form note pages just like a paper notebook.

The pages allow for text and drawings to be placed anywhere, fill one up and flip to the next page. Just like a student uses a paper notebook, draw what is on the chalkboard and add the important notes.

The next feature is what a person normally has to buy a second app from their notepad app… flashcards. In the case of School Notes, a study flash card can be opened from any notes page to add text. Then later, just view the flashcards to prep for the exam. Another app that seems to have a simple list of features found in multiple Business apps, but tuned to the needs of students.

The only items we are hoping for in the future updates is a variety of papers for the notes pages. Graph paper might be nice or at the least a lighter color yellow pad.

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