OmniOutliner For The iPad – Summer 2010

Outline apps… we are huge fans. They are the sort of software you have on your computer, use everyday and completely forget that it isn’t function built in till someone else notices and asks. Spreadsheets are fine for longer lists and project plans for even longer. But, when you hitting important points especially when they have sub items, outlines are spot on. They can be a To Do list, the difference being it is a list where you will have smaller parts that make up larger that make up the whole. Try one, there are free options just to get started.

One of the more often used around the office is OmniOutliner (for the Mac). For years, everyone has asked why they can’t sync their desktop lists off to their iPhones to update on the go. Finally, news has broke that the folks at OmniGroup has it on their roadmap… for this summer!

Hope they don’t mind we snapped their graphic… great news! You may also notice OmniFocus is on it’s way in June and OmniPlan yet this year. Both exciting news as well.

Another option, which we currently use everyday on our iPads, is very capable: Outliner. It shouldn’t be put out of mind because of the OmniGroups future plans. Outliner has worked quite well on our iPhones and being upgraded for the iPad it continues to answer our mobile outline needs. A hit around the house is that you can sync to other uses (via the CarbonFin Web site). Especially at holiday time as we roll out lists of relatives and gift ideas and size/color preferences.

There are many view of your lists as you expand or collapse different groups. There is also the option to email a OPML version of your outline which is the standard that desktop outline software will know and import.

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