The iPad Cases I Desire Are On Their Way

Everyone has a different opinion on how they should carry their iPads. All by it’s self, in a sleeve, in it’s own shoulder bag, in a area within their notebook bag… it’s going to be fun to see all the options being used around town very soon.

Personally, I hate to grow the size of anything Apple produces since the size is part of their hard work. That and the design, which I hate to hide too.

Many bags and carries are just now starting to show up on the many iPad sites around the Internet. Most are ‘coming soon’, so as long as I have to wait I might as well wait for one of these from M-Edge.

M-Edge has covered all of their bases with sleeves, jackets and bags… even a stand. The Jackets are the direction I’m heading since all I really want to do is protect my iPad from bumps as I round a hall corner or scratches from other things I might be carrying. When commuting, other than to the park, the device will slip into my notebook bag.

Executive Jacket – nice for those board room meetings (lots of color options):

The Flip Jacket has a elastic band and colors that really pop… has a fun retro look, but I wonder about the band hanging down when it’s not in use.

As you saw from the initial offering screen shot, they have many more options than I listed here. This is just a high level ‘like’ list. All are showing with detailed descriptions but no avail date or pricing. M-Edge does offer to email you when your preferred option is ready.

Lastly, while this solution, the Journey Bag, is too big for my everyday usage… I just love the available colors! Fun!!