A Different View of the iPad Keyboard

Taking notes when sitting watching TV or in a meeting via the screen based keyboard is actually pretty easy. Which amazes many of us since there really isn’t any feedback other than the keys growing a bit when you tap them, which means your looking at the keyboard.

We have mentioned for meetings, we carry a bluetooth keyboard from time to time. For taking notes around the hall, we do our best to use electronic ink… our finger or stylus jotting down those important notes. It is those hallway note taking situations that the average size hand has issues with using the keyboard. Most folks attempt to use their thumbs stretched out or one finger tapping.

Thumb Pad offers a solution to those times you can’t site the iPad down to use both hands on the keyboard. As the name implies, the app splits the keyboard into two parts along the outer edge of the screen so you can keyboard using just your thumbs. Much like you do on the iPhone.

The settings area allows for many adjustments to the keyboards to best match your thumb size and reach. Between the two keyboard halves is a list of suggested words to help you auto complete or spell correct. Just tap one of the words in the lower area to use like you do when the system completes a word and you space to accept.

A negative to some folks and a slight dislike to other is that the keyboard doesn’t show up on all screens. Only within the Thumb Pad app. The app makes it easy to select all of the text to copy/paste to another app. as well very easy to take the text and move it directly into a email.

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