A Different Way To Make Pictures Pop On Your iPad

A fun app we have long used on the iPhone has come to the iPad. A photo editing app with an unusual name, OutColor. A different name, but it really says what you do with this app on your iPad. There are UI changes that make the app easier to use on the iPad, but the most noticeable is not needing to zoom in and out to check your progress.

OutColor’s features causes a person to rethink the way they look at their pictures. In the case of OutColor, thinking outside of the box is thinking outside of a ‘frame’.

The app has you choose from a variety of framing to frame part of the picture contents. Everything outside of the frame is blanked out… you can have a solid color or an image as the background. Highlighting parts of the image that is outside of the frame makes it appear. You can add shadowing to the frame and to the parts of the image your showing outside of the frame.

Here is a quick example we did:

The developer has quite a few much more creative images made by other folks using OutColor. Below would be created from a picture of a boy and the elephant, frame the elephant and highlight the trunk and boy:

For the really creative thinkers… use OutColor to create images you can use in your Scrapbook via ScrapPad.

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