A New Face To Twitter News On The iPad

Do you think your friends on Twitter know what you like? Do they post up links that you find very interesting? Tabloids for the iPad that will tell you if your really following the right folks. By watching what is posted by those you follow on twitter, it pulls up articles and content from the links they post. You can sweep through those pages and see right away what they had posted… several of us where pretty happy with our choice of friends and the valuable posts they took the time to point us to. A other folks in the office where really surprised at what they were seeing.

It is possible to use several twitter accounts in Tabloids. Which proves to be handy to follow folks from around the world that posts up the latest news in their area. This way, we can see the news in with the interesting content our friends post in Tabloids without impacting our normal following group that we communicate with via other twitter apps.

We have only played with Tabloids for a couple days and can see where there is room for a few must needed enhancements. But, it is very usable (read: interesting and enjoyable) the way it is now.

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