Another Popular Handwritten And Text Notes For The iPad

An app has been showing up around the office for the iPad users that want to draw on their text notes.

PaperDesk opens up with a wood desktop backdrop, allowing the user to create a new notebooks in a variety of cover colors. You should name your notebook at this time, there is currently no option to name or rename later. You will only be able to delete at the notebook level going forward from the time of creation.

The free lite version is limited to three notebooks while the full version allow unlimited notebooks for just a couple dollars.

Opening the notebook, you can add pages in a variety of paper types, add a audio recording, handwrite or draw and type text. It is very quick to change the ‘ink’ pen to match your needs it’s button pull-down. A very handy feature is ‘Bookmarks’ that allow you to jump to important parts of your notepad quickly.

A notable difference between PaperDesk and a few of the other Handwriting / Text Notebook apps is that all text is seen as a single text block on the page. So, drawing with electronic ink wont be used to line between text boxes. Text will need to be indented with spaces to create sub bits of text. You can draw / write anywhere on the page but you are not able to move bits of text to the right of the screen or into smaller bubbles of info. It all comes down to how you write and keep your notes.

In the current version of the software, the only method to get the notes out of the app is to email them. Great for tossing a quick note to a co-worker but tough for those users who need to have access to their notes on their desktops.

The developer for this app mentions several times that using a writing stylus with their app works very well. Here is one option we use called Pogo.