Big Updates For 2 Free iPad Notes Apps

Sundry Notes and Evernote have been covered here several times before as being a couple very popular notes apps around the office. Sundry Notes because of it’s ability to have elements of text, ink and clippings as individual items on a page or joined to be moved and placed. Evernote for being very good at holding individual pages in bundles which can be synced and edited across multiple devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.

Evernote: Version 1.8.2 build 81703

Improved drag and top of text and to do items
Added the ability to drag-and-drop an attachment within a note or between notes
Added a shortcut (Command-Control-T) to create a New Tag
Prevented the creation of notes that exceed the maximum note size
Improved stability when editing note title or tags
Improved indexing of imported PDFs
Better pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel

Sundry Notes: New in Version 1.2

Exporting notes is much improved (file sharing via iTunes now available)
Whiteboard line smoothing is enabled
Whiteboard shapes are available, along with line snapping
Whiteboard saved brushes are available (pens, markers, etc.)
Bullets & numbering enabled in text boxes
New text box tools, including a better font selector, auto-complete toggle, and arrow keys
Exporting to PDF now supports selectable/copyable text
Can now import PDFs directly from a computer through iTunes
Images can be locked into the background to prevent accidental editing
Emailing a note now uses the built-in mail client
Added a “re-open last website” button
General usability improvements
Fixed several crash bugs
Reduced overall memory usage by more than 50%