Borders eBook Reader For The iPad

Borders announced they are going to be using the Kobo system for their eBooks. The Kobo is a eBook reader much like the Kindle with a few unique features. You will be able to use it to access ebook lists and buy offerings from Borders.

Like the Kindle reader, Kobo has released a version of their software that runs on the iPad. Like the standalone Kobo reader hardware, the software connects to their online service for purchasing books.

The iPad reader offers multiple background looks, one of which you may notice is pretty close to Apple’s offering.

The app even offers a swipe to view the books that you are in the process of reading.

Books purchased through the Kobo reader will not open in either the iBooks reader app or the Kindle reader app. There are a few features missing at this time; dictionary, highlighting and writing notes. Non of which would be show stoppers for folks interested in just reading or people who already bought Borders eBooks and want to enjoy those books on the go with their iPad.