Finally a Robust Facebook App For The iPad

It’s called Sobees and it’s free right now.

We have all been using ‘the’ Facebook app on our iPhones and the iPad since it was introduced. The app has yet to be updated for the iPad so running it in 2x means it’s pretty pixilated to use every day. You have a screen for viewing and commenting on your friends posts, a post submit area, view your and your friend’s profiles, Chat, see who wants to be your friend, events, inbox and Photos. Each with it’s own screen. Now… we have an option to the legacy option that really works, Sobees!

Sobees uses the iPad screen pretty effectively by letting you view the Latest Updates, Latest links, Latest Images, Breaking News and Latest Video. That is the first page! Then, there are pages to view your friend’s photos with a UI like the built in Photos area, followed by pages of your friends listed by their profile photos, your Profile and Events. Events is a calendar with all of your events and friend’s birthdays marked.

All of this is laid out for both Landscape and Portrait views.

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