Mind Mapping on the iPad Around the Home

Being able to Mind Map at the office is a natural joining of a need and a easy to use tool. Pairing Mind Mapping software to an iPad removes a whole layer of whiteboarding and then re-writing. Using your fingers to create and join items is very natural.

Several interesting uses of Mind Mapping around the house has shown up with coworkers as they cycle through their work ones and we just had to ask what we just saw. All good…

There are some expensive options for both of these uses but we thought it interesting using the quick-to-use versus over-robust. Dropping into this bucket is MindNode. The developers offer an iPad app, iPhone app and two different levels of Mac desktop software. The app options are in the average price range at under $6. The desktop software comes in a free version (imports/exports to the iPad version via an eMail) and a pro version (imports/exports to the iPad via direct connection between app and desktop).

Family Tree: while a mind map can look very much like a tree, most wouldn’t think to actually branch their family history out but it’s a natural fit. There are no software restrictions on adding more lines to a family when they have a new addition. Normally, Family Tree software can make it more difficult to add and move branches around. With Mind Mapping software, you just tap and drag and add some more family members.

Family Chores: Outline software is popular, again a bit locked down for something that can be fluid like family chores. Yard work can get an added mowing which leads to weeding onto raking the leaves… and do on. Color code to know who is assigned to the work. All of which can be done on the iPad as you wonder about the house then move it to the home computer for all to see and use.

More to follow as we see them pop up in people’s MindNode project lists…