Spice Up Your iPad Emails… All For The Fun Of It!

Put this in the ‘for fun’ group. Most offices wont see the fun in this but it has been a huge hit around the house with family and friends. A popular feature for desktop computers is to apply backgrounds, which some corporate networks do not like. There are add ons for email programs to even add more robust ‘themes’ such as seasons, animals, and bits of glitter.

Email Themes/Backgrounds brings those fun bits to the emails you send from your iPad. You can add little creatures, bright backgrounds and colorful bits of fun to your emails. A great idea for party invites for young and old. Kids love to get emails when they are more than font and size changes of black text on a white background.

The developer is promising many new themes soon, for now there is a nice list already available: Abstract, Animals, Birthday, Flowers, Fun, Love, Mother’s Day, Nature, Patterns and Sports. It will take us a while to get through those basic options.

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