The ToDo App We Were Waiting For Our iPad

A bit ago we mentioned that we where heavy users of the Appigo ToDo app on our iPhones. Their Web site only talked about their corkboard iPad app but no mention of their ToDo app. Then, a search this morning showed us Appigo introduced a whole new version for the iPad.

The app includes all the features we enjoyed with the iPhone version wrapped in a interface that looks and feels like a paper ToDo planner. As you may remember, we have used Appigo’s ToDo app for creating long lists of ToDo items for projects, which we then assigned individual items out to team members. All syncing through Toodledo’s online ToDo solution. You can also sync with AppigoSync and Toodledo’s site. (update, see: Appigo ToDo App and ‘Remember The Milk’ Part Ways)

A lot of effort has gone into the user expirience. You can quickly create ToDo items with one tap of the lightning creator… great to use when on a call. Also, the more indepth ToDo items that are wrapped around our work projects. due to the multi-folders with their individual ToDo lists, this single app can be used for work and for the Honey-Do list at home. Folders, Todos, sub Tasks and details… as much or as little depth as you need.

A coupl esmuch needed feature that a lot of the other ToDo options miss is the ‘repeating Tasks’ and Tagging – must have items for the Getting Things Done (GTD) lovers in the crowd!

Customization for your personal preference via the Themes area. Adjust the binder, paper, bracket and rings. Go from corporate to fun and funky!

Long, tall lists work great in the portrait view… the wide landscape view makes it easy to get to the left flap of Task rules and their folders.

Allow us to cheat a bit here… here is what Appigo has listed as their top features:

✔ Real Planner-like Interface Built for iPad!
✔ Multiple Binder & Paper Choices (more coming)
✔ Compatible with Todo™ for iPhone and iPod touch
✔ Sync with iCal (Wi-Fi required)
✔ Sync with Outlook (Wi-Fi and Outlook 2003 or newer required)
✔ Sync with
✔ Task reminder alerts (Wi-Fi or 3G network required)
✔ Projects and Checklists (with subtasks)
✔ Notes on tasks with clickable phone numbers and URLs
✔ Manage multiple tasks at once with multi-select
✔ Full Calendar Due Date Chooser
✔ Manual Sorting
✔ Contact and Email Integration
✔ Full Task Searching (including notes)
✔ GTD Support with Contexts and Tags
✔ Repeating Tasks
✔ Quick Add Task Entry
✔ Task Sharing via Email (Import back into Todo)
✔ Customizable App Badge Count

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