World Clock and HanDBase Updates Just What We Needed

Are we easy to please or are developers tuning what we and others are asking for? We believe these are not just our needs, both of these apps got updates we were specifically looking for… yea!!

We have mentioned that we really liked the layout of The World Clock, but it was short all the cities we needed (only two the seven we where looking for). We contacted the developer and they said all where on their list. Today’s update:

1. Major database update. Now includes more than 192000 populated places from more than 230 countries.
2. Option to select GMT with offset added.

When you look to add a city, your looking for a country first then drill down to the city… a must needed update with 192,000 more locations! We have the sun rise/set feature turned off below:

A app we have a article planned for is HanDBase. We use this to quickly create DBs for questions and surveys we need to do. Anyone can create DBs of info they need to reference very easily without knowing any DB programming. The syncing has improved by allowing us to do it over USB through iTunes. Look for a more indepth Business usage article shortly, for now we can say the new features will be used! The iPad version is a major change in UI to the iPhone version we have used for a long time.

1. Running a report for a Checkbox, Integer, Float, Calculated (with output set to x decimal points and not Date or Time output) caused the application to close suddenly.
2. Clicking within the Edit Record screen to follow a link, db popup, relationship, etc while a text field is currently being edited resulted in a program crash
3. File Sharing feature (the ability to install and backup databases via iTunes (under Device, Apps) was not working on all cases
4. If you are in a portrait orientation and click the Other Database Name selector while setting up a field type (eg, DB Popup, Link, Linked, Relationship), after selecting your database, the Edit Field screen will disappear and your changes are not saved.
5. If you closed all your databases while in landscape mode and exited the program, the previous database that was opened would reopen instead of starting at the welcome screen as it should.

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