Yes, Cupcakes On The iPad Too!

Last weekend we mentioned an app that allowed you to create ‘cookies’ on your iPad, then distribute them to your friends and family. A hit with the kids and fun to do for office parties. This last week we received several emails saying cookies aren’t the only type of goodies you can ‘bake’ on your iPad. As the headline says, Cupcakes should be included in any kids fun time on the iPad too.

Cupcakes! has been around for a while on the iPhone. As the developer mentions, getting all sorts of praise. A couple weeks ago they released Cupcakes! XP, a iPad only version. Now, you can choose our batter, bake and decorate all on the big screen.

Like the cookie app, you have many options for personalizing your cupcakes (you can even set your cooking time if you want to have a very realistic bit of fun):

25 different cupcake liners, 11 different batters, 30 types of frosting, 48 toppings (plus 25 flavors of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans), 15 kinds of plates and 10 tablecloths. Talk about mix and match…

When you get done, send your creations in an email, share on Facebook or place in your photo album. Yes, you can eat them… virtually, which means zero calories!!

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