Backpack Project Collaboration On The iPad

Over the last months, we have talked through the many ToDo apps we use. Most of our comments have been apps that we are able to share our Tasks between the iPad and desktop or a Web site editor. A solution we use a lot for larger ‘group’ style lists where we need to collaborate across multiple groups is the online service Backpack. A single or two user license is free so it’s a great system to play with for a while to see if it matches your needs. Larger groups carry a monthly charge and adds more features such as calendars, messaging and file storage.

There has been no mention of it here since we have only been able to continue to use the service via our iPhones. For us, it’s a popular solution to work with clients on specing out new features and bug reporting/tracking.

Now, we have the power of our Backpack collaborations via the iPad with Satchel. It was usable on the iPhone but on a iPad screen it becomes a tool we have at our ready and actually it has made it much easier to use and interact with. Satchel allows for editing online and offline so we are able to update our progress on issues without taking the time to take the iPad online. Then later, syncing things up. Particularly since the majority of our iPads are WiFi only. The new landscape view for the iPad makes editing descriptions much easier too. This is a universal app so one purchase will run on your iPad and iPhone.

Please excuse the lack of screen shots in this post for Satchel and Backpack. By the time we blurred out all of our client projects in the images you would have had to really use your imagination to understand the features.