Dan Bricklin Delivers Promised 3.0 Note Taker Upgrade!

It has long been a debate with software developers about version numbering. What is a behind the decimal change and what needs a full version number change. Generally, if you go for a full version number change you will have to make a major UI change or something else to be able to charge an upgrade fee.

Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker for the iPad was just updated from 2.x to 3.0! And, it’s a free upgrade if you already own 2.0. Just enough new features and changes but still all the usability we reported on earlier making it a daily used app on our iPads.

As a reminder, this is the app that we use for handwriting notes on the go like we used to do with our spiral notebooks and pens. Written notes are quick to enter and easy to reference or edit later.

The addition of smoother ink in a variety of colors is the upgrades that many folks where hoping for. VGA output is a nice add for folks taking notes in a meeting where others need to see your notes. A very big hit for us is the addition of multi pages to a note. Where you where able to slide across from note to note like most other note taking apps, Note Taker allows you to have depth to each of those notes via more sheets of paper under each note. Follow the page break at the end of this post for Dan’s description of each of the new features that make up this 3.0 upgrade.

Color picker is quick to use:

Choosing the tools button has a great feature that allows you to adjust what the note’s thumbnail is in the list of notes.

You can expand or minimize the note and then move it around so that what is in the light colored box becomes the thumbnail. The resulting thumbnail could be hand written text or a drawing found anywhere on the original note.

On the notes overview page, you continue to have a filterable list of your notes that you can add tags as needed to help pinpoint what the note is about.

The Note Taker 3.0 tools on the overview page has options to email, reorder/sort and delete. Emailing a note is sent as an PDF attachment, where multi-pages are wrapped into a single PDF. Choosing to delete opens a window of your notes so you can delete one or many at a time. Great for cleaning up a list of notes you moved off of your iPad when a project wraps up.

Buttons have been added for new options and quicker access to most often used features. All without creating a cluttered workspace.

This is the new writing page interface. When using the writing area, notice that you are not tied to a line to write on. You can actually write anywhere in the box. Most of us have found that we can move down to the narrow lined paper option and write on the iPad very comfortably, getting us a nice readable page at the end.

As a reminder, this is the 2.x writing page layout that we covered in an earlier post about Note Taker:

As promised… here is the opening pages covering the new features that took the app from version 2 to 3:

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