Access to Wikipedia Data Offline via the iPad

Over the years, we have had a endless list of handheld devices. In the big days of the Palm OS devices we had UX, NX and TH devices roaming around the office, matched to the way the person worked. One item most of us had on those devices was a back up of Wikipedia’s database. Allowing us to have access to all of that data from anywhere, even when we didn’t have access to the Internet.

Of course, the DB took up hundreds of megs of our small (at that time, huge) available memory.

We mentioned earlier that we are fans of several of the apps that reformat the data from Wikipedia for easier viewing than just visiting the site via mobile Safari. With the Wiki Offline Massive HD (say that 10 times fast) app, we can roll the clock back to our Palm days and have the huge resource of Wikipedia with us… no Internet access needed.

The app takes 540 megs, which is a lot… well, it’s a much smaller percent of your available data on the available space on the iPad. Take up that little bit and always have a quick reference tool no matter where your at.

You may be asking the same question we are. In the Palm days, we had to go find the latest Wikipedia provided backup file to install to get the latest updates about once a month. What will Wiki Offline Massive HD do to keep their data fresh since Wikipedia is getting updated every second of ever day.

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