Let’s Hear It For Digital Royalty!

There are constant opinions being posted about the iPad. Generally, they are pretty lopsided one way or another. Either you have an author giving an non-opinionated view that is sided against or a person is unrealistic about the way the iPad will solve all of the world problems.

It was fun to see the post on Digital Royalty, “Nobody NEEDS the iPad. But I Can’t Live Without Mine“. It wasn’t claiming to be anything other than what it was. An author, much like us here, that is pretty realistic about what the iPad can do and how one might use it. You can tell real users by what they write about when they mention their iPad. The apps and functionality that ties into how a person integrates the iPad into their daily life is much different than a person who picks one up for a couple days to do a review.

A joy to read…

…and no, we are not going to start mentioning everyone’s article about the iPad. This one just happened to have been mentioned by mutliple people around the office as of like mind.