Taking Technical Resources with you on the iPad

Many projects or work efforts are only successful because there is multiple resources of information available on your desktop. Usually, this means many print books or resource materials in 3-ring binders. A lot of information for particular problems are found via Google or wikipedia. But generally, it comes back to going back to big reference print materials. Driven by being able to have multiple documents open at the same time within reach.

The iPad has been a nice place to start dropping in PDFs and eBooks. There is a variety available today and it’s growing. With recent updates to the iPad Kindle book reader app, and the Amazon long list of developer books, a solution to replacing stacks of print books is materializing. Like this Professional JavaScript for Web Developers .

The beauty of using the Kindle Reader (free) on the iPad is it’s ability to search quickly to find info on a question, then bookmark it to return later. This could be important to students as well, but we see it every day at the office as we jump from one document to another when looking for the cleanest path to our solution.

Less used but still a nice feature is the Dictionary (250,000 definitions), Google and Wikipedia look up for any word within a Kindle Book.

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