While on the subject of iPad Notepads, myNotes! Updated

Amongst the many notepad app updates this week was myNotes!.

You may recall, this is the notebook app that recognizes shapes and corrects them, switches from ink to type quickly and allows for everything to show up on one page. That page can be a variety of paper and surfaces… and the pens/pencils can be a variety of color and widths.

The additional features the developers have added to myNotes! where on our short list of ‘wanted’ items so we’ll be dusting this app to give it another run. Important to us for a daily used electronic ink notepad app is the ability to draw and write, as well be able to share out to other users. A nice addition is that notes are arranged into individual ‘books’ so we don’t have to sort through a hundred notes to find what was said in a meeting. Many apps offer ‘tagging’ of notes but then dump all notes into a single list view. It has been said that this will be the future where organizing files will be not into folders but from the data within them (search and keyword tags) – that all seems nice unless you have a hundred files with many files being part of a project but not calling it our in the text. Folders and notebook binders are still a good thing to be a daily used app for us. In this update to myNotes!

– Brand new background templates
– Share notes to Facebook
– Share notes to Google Docs
– Shared notes are in PDF that has text that can be copied
– Undo / Redo
– Improved color selection

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