Learn a language – uTalk Italian for iPad goes HD

uTalk showed up for us today as updated for the iPad… a universal app for the iPhone and iPad means we can now have the images full size. Does that help us learn Italian any faster? Well, some of us in the office picked it up in 2x low resolution mode so having it now in iPad full screen has removed the excuses the rest of us had!

The power behind uTalk is that they show you a variety of objects and words that match, then they jumble things for you to match the object to their spoken word. Then you progress to just the images and a single spoken word without the initial matching. Amazing enough, this method is proving to be much better than long dictionaries of words and trying to just memorize words and phrases.

The lessons come in many other languages, Italian just seems to be a hit around our office. It’s on the easier side for us beginners too than most of the other language titles.

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