The iPad can get to your stuff in and out of the Box

A nice update to for the iPad yesterday! is one of the two more popular free cloud solutions available for a multitude of hardware/OS combinations. Amazon and Google have their for pay solutions and DropBox and on the free with pay upgrade options.’s major limitation for most of us to get serious about using it was that you were locked to just viewing your files that you have in your account. With this update, you can now download your files from the Cloud hosting, edit them and the system will sync your edits back up to the original sitting in the cloud. does this by having a ‘Saved’ area (folder) within their app that keeps things synced when online. By moving your files from the Cloud to that tab, you are able to work offline as well.

Another important feature that we all noticed right away was the iPad app now caches the files so you can open, edit, close much faster than most other options.

The ability to move more than one files at a time to your offline folder and back again (you choose which goes and which stays) make a pretty nice option for running in and out of meetings.

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