Trading in your old iPad for…

It seems pretty silly to talk about trading any of our iPads in right now. We are all being successful users in the office with the device as it stands now. But, there will be a new iPad that we may want to ‘upgrade’ to. Other folks may find a Macbook Pro better fits their needs than the iPad they bought.

PowerMax has added the iPad to their Trade In program. We have used it in the past for iMacs with good luck. A lot of folks are very successful at moving their old equipment via eBay, for us it has proven quicker and easier to manage just getting a credit through PowerMax to buy the latest hot Apple products we want. Your milage may vary on how much our hardware is worth as a trade in versus selling yourself.

We are lucky to have an Oregon office, so those folks just drive their hardware down the street. Another reason to keep your old product boxes, easier to ship.