DropBox users get full screen document views and folders!

The folks that support DropBox (free to sign up and use) have released updates for the many different platforms you can access your DropBox data storage with. Reminder, we store our work files on our DropBox account so we can access documents via our iPads, iPhones and desktops. If we have internet access, we have free access to all of our files (well, the ones we were smart enough to put there for later access).

The DropBox update for the iPad app now allows you to view your documents in both the normal partial screen view (leaves your list of documents open along the side):

And, now, using the arrows along the top of the screen you can view your documents full screen wide. Since DropBox for iPad caches your downloaded files, when you switch to full screen you don’t have to wait for the whole file to download again.

Changed in this update is the actions of the buttons on the left list of files. The far left ‘+’ is no longer a button for uploading images to your DropBox cloud location. It is now used for creating more folders to store your documents and files in.

Now, you upload images from your Camera Roll (and maybe some future built in camera) through the button at the center. The checker box to the right is used to view images in the folder as thumbnails rather than having to tap and download each to find the one your looking for.

Just a few changes but they make a big difference if you use your DropBox storage a lot via your iPad.

Special note: full screen view does not appear to work if you have pre-release iOS4.2 loaded on your iPad.