iPad, iPhone and Desktop Photo Transfers Without iTunes

A few weeks ago we went into detail about why we are so interested in storing, editing and using photos through our iPads. While the iPad doesn’t have a camera yet, we still must have images on it to insert into documents, emails and presentations.

Most often, rather than using USB/iTunes, we move photos from one place to another via DropBox (the free Cloud service). The good and bad of DropBox is free online storage that you can access with any device you have connected to the Internet… but one image at a time can take some time to move groups of images around.

Enter, Photo Transfer App… an app that allows us to move up to 50 images (older iPhones have limites that lowers this max number) between our iPads, iPhones and computers over a WiFi network. The transfer is between two devices wtihout a service (outside of your network) involved so your images are as secure as your network. There is no outside Web site involved so security is better but this means you have to have the two ends of the document transfer on the same network. For us, that isn’t a problem.

Currently, the universal Photo Transfer App is $2.99. There is no hosting or desktop app you have to buy. And, an app could be installed on all of the iPads and iPhones on the same account (iTunes account id). If there people with their own copy of the software, registered to their iTunes account, it will still transfer images just fine.

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