iTunes 10 and the iPad

There was all kinds of news about new iPods and the new iTunes 10 on the 1st. We knew it was a bit soon to hear about a new iPad, but we all held our breath during the full talk anyways.

For the iPad, a new iOS is due out in November. Which will be bringing us the multitasking and folders like on the iPhone 4. The version will be 4.2.

Back to the new iTunes. For now, the change is the graphic at the bottom when syncing showing how you have your memory used on your iPad. In the future when we have 4.2, there will be a lot more action going on as we rent TV shows and movies and manage those across the desktop/iPad connection. So, for now, nothing that will change the way we do things around the office or at home with our iPads.

Click image for larger view to see the new ‘capacity’ area –

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