Part II of Twitter and their iPad app

The previous post was going long as far as the features of the new free app from Twitter for the iPad. Here are a couple features that are nice for the regular user but a must for the Business Twitter person in your office.

Both of these can generally be gotten to through a few taps, but with this Twitter app, they are one tap deep.

More info on a particular person: Tap on anyone and where some Twitter apps will show you the basics then you choose an area to drill into. This app gives you a overview that is much deeper information on the first screen. You can go deeper if you need but if your trying to find out more info on who just posted a comment on your company, if there is much interest in that post and who is impacted in their circle of friends, here it is.

Next, Hashtags: important to you if you hashtag an event or are following several hashtag subjects… now they are one tap away. Choose a post that has a hashtag referenced and you are presented with the other posts using the same. When you set up a event and choose a hashtag people will be using, you can keep up on what is being said across the many attendees to keep a heartbeat on what is important and what can be shortened.

Features in an app can drive a person’s actions to other points of interest the developer has. In this case, Twitter is offering a free app to make it easy to work with their online service so encourage companies to use Twitter for more than just saying ‘hi’ to your friends.