Staying ‘informed’ the iPad way

We spend a lot of time in our RSS readers, our Facebook likes and multiple Twitter streams to keep informed to what the street says is going on. Recently though, it was brought to our attention by a client that there was news by the good old sources that we were missing.

While it seems silly to think, but with all of the chatter we missed the news from the major providers. ABC and CBS are two sources that have released iPad apps specific to ‘up to the minute’ news. The solutions we are talking about below are free apps and are for the iPad only.

ABC has multipe options for how you might like your news. As well, they have a ABC app that is for watching thier TV shows you may have missed. For us here, ABC News is what we are after. It provides full articles of the latest news from around the world. The provide a few different ways of getting to that news. The app has the individual news shows views:

Through which you can expand the headlines and image links to full articles and videos.

For a ‘fun’ way to run through the top news, you can bring up a globe which can be spun around by swiping your finger. As a story comes to front/center it pops for your closer review.

Next up in the line of Major news providers we are used to seeing on TV is CBS. They too have multiple iPad app options for proving news, again we are only talking about the news option here “CBS News“. If CBS is a station you watch, you will recognize the list of news shows to choose to see information from.

Many folks love to see their top news offerings with images and a bit of the headlines like above. For the others, the below option is provided via CBS News to see headlines and more detail divided by News or by Shows. Each of those are divided by Top News, Videos, Popular News, Galleries, etc..

The full article view from CBS News offers a quick jump access to related stories.

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