Another look at Kobo eBook reader for the iPad

We have mentioned the Kobo (free, universal app) eBook reader from time to time when covering eBook options. It came up today when we were talking through ‘keep it simple’ solutions we are using. Kobo, while doing what it does well, does it without a lot of eBook reader glitz.

There is versions of the Kobo reader for Mac, PC, many smart phones and the iPad (they call a tablet). All have access to the usual list of ‘free’ books like Poe, Alice in Wonderland and others. Also, Kobo offers a full library of over 2 million books. We have found most are available through other eBook providers and there are some deals to be had so it’s now on our list to check when looking to buy a ebook to read.

The book we used for the screen shots ‘Death By Meeting

Opening the Kobo eBook Reader, your greeted with a familiar ‘book shelf’ that you have seen in other readers. The options of seeing your Library of eBooks and PDFs as well a shortcut to the Kobo eBook store.

A second, ‘list’ view of your eBook is available through the buttons at the bottom of the page. Note the green book mark on the book that has been read.

Bookmarks can be placed throughout a eBook. Also, when you exit a eBook, Kobo automatically places a bookmark on that page for quick return.

Anytime in a eBook, Kobo offers a ‘back’ button to take you up a layer, Table of Contents for the eBook, Overview (below) is the book summary and Annotations is for the pages you have bookmarked.

The Table of Content is available anytime from the three links across the reader’s top bar. Taping a title takes you to that part of the ebook.

The font type and size is adjustable so you can tune the text to your eyes. The slider is actually one of the wins for the Kobo reader as most other solutions just offer 3 preset sizes.

Kobo offers their own ‘styling’ option that take a eBook or PDF, that may be best viewed by another viewer to layout better for the Kobo reader.

The below is the view of the eBook as it ships with the Kobo Style turned off. Not bad, but doesn’t flow as well as when the style is on. The page turning can be adjusted so you have the different effects other readers offer; flip turning, fade, curling page or none. Text alignment is another feature that helps with readability by moving the text around from one ebook to the next.

Death By Meeting: A Leadership Fable…About Solving The Most Painful Problem In Business

Choose from over 2 million ebooks!

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