Images from around the world as free iPad wallpapers

Sometimes we need images other than the ones we took to use as background wallpapers on our iPads. Usually, this means searching around the internet for pictures that are high enough resolution to look good on the quality iPad screen. Or, there are options of ‘wallpaper’ apps that involve loading an app full of pictures to choose from.

Heritage offers a different angle to getting images from around the world anytime to use as free wallpapers. The app reaches out to the huge library of high quality pictures from around the world to use, switch as often as you like, whenever you like. Even the app is free. From any image being viewed, you can use as a wallpaper or share with others via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Normally when our iPads are on our desks idle, we have our iPads flipping through our image collections. Tired of that or need a change, Heritage offers their complete collection to flip by and take you all over the world.

Not sure where in the world the image’s location is? Choose the globe icon and a Google map pops up with a pin on the spot. Not exactly a ‘must use’ for the day job but very interesting at times when you wonder “where in the world is that?”

What does come in handy for work is getting an idea of a location or the sites in that area. Heritage offers a search and the option to drill down through the country. Good for seeing a spot in advance of travels too!

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