Real Time Japan F1 Qualifying on iPad even though TV tape delayed

If you watch F1 like many of us do, you are aware that qualifying for the Japan F1 was rained out on Saturday. This means qualifying happens just before the race. For viewers in the USA, you either wont see it since the TV broadcasters didn’t plan for it or they will show as a lead-in to the race showing.

As we chattered on Twitter with our UK friends who were able to watch live qualifying it hit a few of us to fire up our 2010 F1 app on our iPads. Doing so brought us blow by blow as the drivers attempted to get their cars on the Pole for Sunday’s race.

Q2 wraps up, everyone in the pits (blue made it into Q3). The upper part of the screen shows car orders and timing, the lower is actual location of the cars as they circle the track. Or, in this case, sitting in the pits.

Q3 starts off with three cars on the track…

All but two cars on the track with 5 minutes left of Q3. Timing in the app shows the purple, green and yellow lap times. Two cars pop into the pits for tires.

Everyone hits the track for the last couple minutes as the leaders shuffle about…

Final standings for the race start. TV did end up showing the Qualifying, many hours after we knew from the 2010 F1 app what had happened. We were sleeping, getting ready to watch the race while other folks where up late to see what already did. Heh-heh…