Didn’t buy ReaddleDocs for the iPad yet? It’s on sale!

There are all kinds of sales to be had hidden amongst the Black Friday discounts. One we didn’t find but told by the developer. You may remember ReaddleDocs from a previous post we did (ReaddleDocs for the iPad, you may want to take another look) – we all paid full price. You can pick a copy up now through to November 30th for $1.99 US. Readdle Inc actually has many of titles on sale so when you go any of thier products, take a look at their ones if you had previously been sitting on the purchase fence.

If you didn’t jump back to the previous post (via the above link) we did yet, ReaddleDoc is your full featured PDF reader and management system. You can search within PDFs and manage across multiple cloud storage systems. PDFs can also come in via emails or downloaded from Web sites.