Finally, a full featured ‘Facebook’ app for the iPad

We have long been using the iPhone Facebook app in 2x mode since almost all of the iPad options did one or two things very well but where not full featured solutions. With Friendly for Facebook reaching version 3.0 we can remove the iPhone app and get all of our Facebook happiness through the one app. Full screen and full detail!

Most people live on Facebook with a single face to the world, but for those of us that have to have multiple identies for work and personal, Friendly for Facebook offers the ability to add more than one and jump from one to the other effortlessly.

Launching the app for your chosen account takes you to your Live Feed… a list of posts similar to the way your would see through your desktop browser. Tabs across the top of the page give you quick access to the many areas of Facebook. We are not required to drill down several steps and then back out to move from our overall posts view and private messages.

Note also in the lower right corner is quick access to your Facebook Chat:

Links in posts opens a new Web browser page for viewing the full page.

Selecting the top button ‘Friends’ changes the tabs to the three areas important to keeping track of your friends: A list of your ‘friends’, Phonebook that is auto filled in from the phone numbers your ‘friends’ have in their profiles and your friend’s Pages.

Tapping the ‘Inbox’ button in Friendly for Facebook shows tabs important to private messages.

The ‘friendly’ pull down on all screens brings up a list of actions you can take for posting or tuning your profile information. Friendly for Facebook also allows for managing of your friends on your lists like you normally only be able to do on the desktop.

While in the Live Feed area, you are able to create new posts to share. Sharing of Photos is handed from the ‘friendly’ pull down only. The ‘g’ button in the upper right corner of all windows will open the Web browser window within Friendly for Facebook.

Whether you are viewing a Web page via a link in a Facebook friend’s post or one you went to from entering the URL, you are able to share out directly from this browser window. This is one of the very few (the iPhone app doesn’t!) iPad Facebook apps that allow you to share a link to your Facebook friends. You are also given the ability to share the link out view email or view outside of Friendly for Facebook in the built-in Safari browser.

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