Movie and TV info anytime, anywhere with your iPad

It seems that when your talking in a group about just about any subject, someone is looking online for more information. In part to help when people start staring off trying to remember a name or specifics… of course there are others in the crowd that just want to be in the know. On the iPad, looking up more info quickly is done via the built-in browser or a wikipedia app.

Now, our options for quick info has been expanded by IMDb releasing a free universal app that gives you quick access to actor/actress, movie, TV shows information. It is very fast when trying to remember other movies an individual was in or show specifics.

Being a geeky crowd, the Movie Fun Quotes is used more than any other feature.

All screens give access to the ‘Browse’ button in the lower left corner. The list is a quick way to get to specific areas of information. Each contain lists that give overview information that can then be drilled down for more information. These areas are handy for keeping up on the latest news and what is hot.

The ‘Top News’ option brings up a page of the latest news which is divided into groups accessible through buttons along the bottom of the page. The IMDb app offers quick access to news Top, Movies, TV and Celebrities.

Tapping any of the items on the lists brings up a pop over with more information on the story and links out to the full article along with options to share out. Scrolling down gives access to the people and movies/TV related to the article which can take you to additional information (like other movie/TV shows that individual has been in so you know why you recognize their face).

From the list (lower left corner on all screens) via the Browse button, choose the US TV Recaps to see more info on TV shows. This particular option in the IMDb app gives you an expanded Synopsis of the last episodes on the top TV shows. Beware! If your watching a show with a story line there is spoilers included so you may miss the excitement of the show by know ‘who dunnit’. This could be a handy tool for families if your concerned about the kids watching particular shows.

From any of the screens, you can get to the profile of an actor/actress. All of the information your used to getting to online is available in an iPad view. The IMDb app has rearranged the info by group so you do not have to scroll through pages of info, just tap on the area you want to expand to see their movies, pages of images and biographies.

Searching with any facts you have on people, events, movies and TV shows brings up all of the mentions that IMDb has. Drilling down into any of the areas will bring you more information… now your the one in the room with the facts. Amazon is linked to your finds as well so your just one click from buying too. While this is a natural connection, we remember how Delicious App was pulled off the market because it had links to Amazone, we might not have been given all the facts on that app’s problems.

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