No time better than now for an iPad recipe app

It is this time of the year that we are expected to produce something other than spreadsheets and PowerPoints for everyone to enjoy. Food for a holiday feast is the norm. Well, at least it is expected so we are hoping to not disappoint.

Visiting the iTunes app store, you will find many options ranging from simple recipes from people online, Food Channel solutions as well Martha Stewart has her offerings.

Our challenge was to find a recipe app for the iPad that wasn’t limited to any particular service. Many services offer many wonderful menu items, but they don’t have something for everyone. So, we were looking for an app that had access to a provided group of recipes plus would be easy to add items found on the Internet.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that one of the less expensive solutions rose up to shine. My Recipe Book did everything we set as core requirements plus did it easy enough that anyone in the family could look online for their own favorites.

All of the options for creating and using your recipes are through a well laid out interface. We liked that My Recipe Book was able to recreate the look of a flip chart and wood box without having the real world limits. The quick access buttons down the left side makes it easy to jump around your favorite recipes.

Adding and editing of recipes through text entry area makes it easy to personalize.

Recipes can be groups by dish type, marked as favorites and ingredients added to your shopping list. The beauty of having your box of recipes on your iPad and out of the little word box in the cupboard. My Recipe Book also makes it easier to add new recipes from the Internet without having to hand write on little paper 3×5 cards.

From the developers of My Recipe Book:

New in Version 2.1.1

❀ New Easy Import adds recipes from the web directly into the app including the ingredients, directions and photos. Recipes are instantly searchable, can be added to the grocery list, and adjusted with the servings adjuster
❀ Updated grocery list with ability to add custom ingredients to the list, so if you need to add toothpaste to your list and it’s not included in your recipe – you can add it now
❀ Added the ability to create ingredient sections. For example if you have cake and icing for a cake recipe, you can now make a header to separate the ingredients for multiple sections
❀ Now you can set and name multiple kitchen timers. Do you want to know how much time is left on the green bean casserole, turkey & sweet potatoes – it is all at your fingertips
❀ Adding recipes from the iPad is now easier with ingredient quick recall. When you’re adding an ingredient, a pop-up shows you all the similar ingredients in your other recipes, simply touch the one you want, and you don’t have to re-type it
❀ Tons of bug fixes, and memory fixes, so the app runs much more smoothly now
❀ Updated backup procedure using iTunes
❀ Added ability to input type of servings, for example instead of 12 servings, you can put 1 dozen, or whatever custom serving size you would like
❀ Added alphabet scroll along the right side to quickly get to recipes toward the middle and end of the list without scrolling all the way through

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